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Who We Are:

We are recruiters who specialize in the field of wood products. Account Executives in our office have a total of over 50 years of experience in the wood products industry. This experience ranges from production management to corporate level and is the focus behind our specialty. We have experience in: kitchen cabinets, windows and doors, truss and structural components, furniture, flooring,  decorative laminates, components, milling, lumber, sales and marketing, manufacturing, logging and forestry.


What We Do:

Risma Partners is a focused recruiting firm that specializes in finding and pre-qualifying candidates for positions in the wood products industry. We are an office that can match qualified candidates to the client's staffing need. Our goal is to treat our clients and candidates with the highest level of respect and confidentiality.


What We Do for Candidates:

If you are visiting our site as a candidate and desire to make a career change, we would like to get to know you and learn about your background. We recruit throughout the country and treat candidates that decide to work with us on a personal and confidential basis. Our goal is to put you in contact with companies that need you, resulting in the enhancement of your career.


What We Do for Employers:

If you are visiting us as an employer, we would like you to know that we consider every one of our client relationships a long term partnership. We present to you only screened and qualified candidates which meet or exceed your requirements. Our office is staffed with people who have worked in the industry and can help with the difficult searches. 

Risma Partners
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